Beehives – Top Entrances

We are using top entrances on out beehives. Conventionally, langstroth hives (modern hives), have a bottom board and a spacer that allows the hive to set up just enough to make an entrance. We remove this space above the bottom board and put it at the top. This keeps us … Continue reading

No honey for me :(

This post got lost somewhere and I just found it! Well, we did another inspection on Oct 6 and were very disappointed to find that during the continual weeks of rain, the bees have consumed quite a bit of what I was hoping to extract.  I was really expecting at … Continue reading

Honeybees and Extraction Slideshow

We’ve sold out of honey for this year and the bees are all tucked in for winter. I was updating the front page and wanted to preserve the slide show of the extracting process in a journal entry, so here it is: Honey Slideshow.

Honeybee update, Fall 2011

We did our big pre-winter inspection on Saturday and have good news and bad news. The “bad” news is that we won’t have any honey to extract this fall, but the good news is that all three hives seem to be in good shape for the upcoming winter! Hive two … Continue reading

Reunion Day

Today it’s been seven days, the vet prescribed quiet time, since Maggie got spayed. This evening we’ll be taking her back over to the farm to be reunited with her best friend who has been the definition of a “lost puppy” since she’s been gone. Merle is so pitiful and … Continue reading

Honey Haul

We harvested honey this year!  This is our second year managing honeybees and we harvested a bit of honey for our efforts so far.  We just finished bottling our haul this year and have about 1.5 gallons of honey.  Unfortunately the honey we harvested has already been spoken for, but … Continue reading

New Hives

We started three new hives on March 27th of this year! The location has changed due to the possibility of construction traffic and the placement actually lines up with what our landscape architect had drafted on the plan. Since we started with drawn comb from last year, the bees are … Continue reading


Well, all had been going fine and seemed great the last time I checked on the bees a few weeks ago, just before the really cold snap.  Apparently I did not do a good enough job inspecting and keeping a good feel for what was going on because yesterday when … Continue reading

Official Inspection

We had our first official inspection by a state sanctioned inspector yesterday and it went GREAT! She went through the hive and we found the queen, checked for mites and hive beetles and only found one beetle. She said that the hive looked very healthy and there was a moderate … Continue reading

Another Bee Update

This past weekend (Sat Sept 12) I got back in the bees again to check the progress and see how things were going.  So at this point I have one hive with seven supers total.  The combined hive was on top of the good hive.  So looking in this weekend … Continue reading