About Us

Perhaps it was unpleasant, vegetable garden memories or maybe it is our love for animals.  Either way we pursue the things that excite us and give us energy while trying to live by our values.

Our Values:

Environmental Responsibility
We have never considered ourselves tree huggers, but we try to do things that are right for the environment like recycling and composting. We do not use chemicals on our fields but rotate the chickens to provide fertilization and sanitation. We rotationally graze the cows and use watering troughs that conserve water. We also have solar panels to run the electric fences and well pump. For us this also means organic feed and no GMOs.

Animal Welfare
We are animal lovers and appreciate all that they add to our lives. The animals on our farm are encouraged to be themselves whether chewing cud or scratching in the grass. They are handled to minimize stress and treated with kindness and respect until the very end. We are also meat eaters and believe that if you are going to eat meat it is important to know how your food is produced.

Yummy food
We enjoy food that is good for your body and soul and can be eaten with a clear conscience. We produce food seasonally to optimize taste and believe that if you love what you do it shows. Because we eat what we grow, we can provide you with recipes and answer any questions you have regarding our products.

Buy Local
We grew up in this area and try to support local businesses to keep our money in the local economy.

Transparency and integrity
If you know your farmer, you know your food. This is what we want for our customers, to know us and to know how their food was produced. We are not USDA Certified Organic because we think accountability to our customers is a better a regulatory force than any bureaucratic governmental organization.

Animal Specifics:
For a more detailed explanation about what we do and why:

Broilers:CLICK HERE.
Bees: I’m in process of detailing our beekeeping practices and will link to them soon.
Laying Hens: Details also coming…

Due to several requests, I’ve posted information about equipment we use around the farm.