Bees, August

Well, the last experiment was splitting the hive and seeing if they would re-queen themselves.  In short, it failed.  There were some queen cells made and the cells looked like they hatched and the bees deconstructed them and the hive was looking great.  All the comb was nice and straight and the brood area was all cleaned up and waiting for eggs, which never appeared.  So I waited an extra week to make sure that there was nothing going to happen, and it didn’t, so I combined the hives again.  So now, I have 7 boxes and they are  full of bees and yesterday there was lots of activity.  I’ve also spaced 5 of the 7 boxes at 9 frames each.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with some honey before the year is out!

I guess I’ll just do swarm management next spring by splitting again…  Hopefully I’ll get a little honey next year.


We started two hives of bees the first week of April this year.  The short of it is that one queen was bad or died right off the bat and the hives got combined.  They were split again the middle of July and we’re still waiting to see if the bees are going to re-queen themselves.  Judith and I did a full  inspection of the hive with the queen and a partial inspection of the other, just enough to see that there were queen cells drawn out.  We’ll be checking again in a couple of weeks to make sure the hatched queen mated and made it back to the hive to start her queenly duties.

I’m looking forward to no more feeding!  Hopefully in less than a month, I’ll be completely finished with feeding and will hopefully reap a little honey from the fall flow if there is one.