More plants…

Plants, plants everywhere and there’s still more to do. I got the Brighwell blueberry plant in the ground, so we now officially have 31 blueberry bushes. I’ve also planted several more forsythia bushes along the property line between us and our front neighbor. I’ve got a pot with several more … Continue reading

Even More Blueberries

Well, after having blueberries on the brain after planting the ones from early last week, and circumstances being favorable (read: I had a long day at the farm on Saturday), we planted 9 more plants yesterday, and still have one more to plant! We purchased 4 more Tifblue plants, a … Continue reading

More Blueberries

Yesterday we planted 7 more blueberry plants to bring us to a grand total of 21! We still have spaces for a few more to completely fill out the patch, but we’re cheering for these 21 to take off and produce copiously! Hooray for another item marked off the “Farm … Continue reading

Blueberries! (and grapes)

I’ve added a new category of “Fruit” to the Journals. We’ve been cultivating some blueberry bushes and grape vines and we’ve finished cleaning up the blueberry plants for winter. Right now we have 13 blueberry bushes, all low bush varieties. We’re trying three varieties, Climax, Premiere and Tifblue and we … Continue reading