The sweet corn is gone, but WOW the response to it was quite a surprise!  We experimented this year with growing corn in the paddock where the cows over-wintered  and were able to grow a pretty decent crop of yellow sweet corn, the “incredible” variety.  I also planted some non-hybrid, open pollinated, certified organic field corn and it seems to be doing well.  This was an experiment on several levels, one was to see if we could plant some crop that would take advantage of the intense fertilization and nitrogen (ie. manure) that was available in the area, and another to see if anyone would possibly be interested in such a thing.  Well, the results are in and the corn grew well and the response was overwhelming!  We sold all our corn after getting a few dozen for us to eat and put up, and I must say that it was some really, really sweet, juicy, wonderful stuff.

We’ve never really been interested in growing vegetables, but the response to the corn and the ensuing inquiries from many customers about what other vegetables we have is enough to make us re-think our no vegetables stance.  We’ll have to see, but it’s a possibility 🙂