Layer update

Here is a picture from this week with the setup of our layers. We have them protected by electrified netting from and a coop that we built here at the farm. The ladies put themselves up at night on one of the 4 roost poles in the little 6’x6′ … Continue reading

Yeah! It worked!

The nest box modification on the chicken coop seems to have worked! This is a large step forward for us since now we’re getting 7-9 eggs a day from 9 hens, where before we were getting 2-3. Not only that, but the eggs are clean and not cracked! We’re really … Continue reading

Chicken coop modification

Well, the ladies have been laying for a month or so now and we’ve transitioned from having them free around the house to being in electrified netting (from Premiere1 fencing). After a couple of weeks I realized that the construction of the nest boxes was not going to work long … Continue reading

New Layers

We now have Black Australorp chickens! We currently have 9 hens and a Barred Rock rooster (Rocky) and they have just started laying. The Black Australorps are beautiful with their feathers so black and they have a green tint to them when the sun shines off of them. We built … Continue reading

RIP “Red”

During the moving process, our last laying hen, a Rhode Island Red, “Red”, as she was affectionately called by our neighbor, was taken by a predator. She was over three years old and was still producing an egg a week. Yes this would be considered a “welfare” chicken, not producing … Continue reading


Well, Buffy (our Buff Orpington) went broody on us a couple of weeks ago. Broody is when the chicken wants to sit eggs to hatch them. We don’t have a rooster, so the eggs are never going to hatch, but she was sitting on them anyway. We started kicking her … Continue reading


We started off the new year with new animals!  I worked a deal with CJ Sentell of Ecotone Farm and purchased four laying hens.  We now have two Barred Rocks (not Domineckers), one Rhode Island Red and one Buff Orpington.  They are providing us with eggs and we’re all learning … Continue reading