Beef, Did I mention…

Did I mention that our beef is USDA inspected and appropriately labeled for retail sale? If I didn’t I needed to, this represents significant cost and effort on our part, but we felt it was necessary to comply with the rules and it would give our customers more confidence in … Continue reading

Finally, beef is available

After a lengthy process of finding and working out details with a new processor, C&F Meats in College Grove, and going through the permitting process with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to be able to sell meat by the piece here at the farm, we’re finally open for business with … Continue reading


The Belties will be ready for harvest next year (2013), but we have customers that want beef sooner.  So to fill the gap we purchased three steers this spring (2012) to grow up to harvest size and be available near the first of November.  This is going as planned, and … Continue reading

Cows, Oct 2011

It has been quite some time since we’ve talked about the cows, but this spring we had two calves born at the farm and one born two days before he arrived. All three have turned out to be healthy and growing and we’ve begun the weaning process. Even though I’ve … Continue reading

Birth Announcement

We would like to announce the arrival of the newest member of Happily Ever After Farm, and her name is Speck! After looking miserable for over two weeks, Spot had a beautiful baby heifer early in the morning (before daylight) on April 7, 2011. She most certainly carries traits of … Continue reading

Dog Challenges

It is a real challenge to relocate adult dogs! I now know just how much of an understatement that is. We’ve had Merle neutered and had him on restricted activity for a bit and then we tried to see if they would stay at the farm. No such luck. We … Continue reading

We now have a steer!

Yesterday was a true test of a farmer’s mettle. I and my friend and neighbor Bobby Hunter and my dad were able to separate our eleven day old calf and contain him while banding him. We now have a beef steer! I guess more technically, in a week or two … Continue reading