Broilers, Spring 2013

As usual, the chicken process would not be possible without the help of neighbors and friends, so THANKS! to all those that helped this year! This was not the most successful batch due to some pretty horrible weather conditions when the chicks were small, but these were the largest birds … Continue reading

Time to Make Chicken Stock

The weather cooled off considerably so I can turn my attention to making chicken stock and heating up the kitchen with my Grandmother’s old, trusty, avocado green stove. So I will break out the necks, backs, and other miscellaneous chicken parts I have in the freezer and shortly my house … Continue reading

Broilers, Round Two

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new, but here it is now! We have successfully finished round two of broilers, which will be the last round for the season. Our feed conversion ratio was 4.38:1, or 4.38lbs of feed for 1lb of dressed meat. There were some … Continue reading

New batch on the way

Well, the first round went well and now we’re going to try it again. A little differently this time… We are changing the ration fed to the chickens from the feed mill (using fish meal) to a totally local vegetarian certified organic ration. The feed is from Mr. Alfred Farris … Continue reading

Survey Time!

Thanks again for being willing to participate in our focus group and to share your feedback with us. Hopefully by now you have had a chance to try your chicken. If so, here is the link for you to complete a 10 question survey regarding your experience here. If not, … Continue reading

Got Recipes?

The chickens are coming this weekend and my idea of preparation is to raid the recipe box.  So I am lining up the chicken recipes that I already know are yummy like whole roasted chicken and several more I want to try such as pretzel coated fried chicken and spatchcock … Continue reading

Death is a Bummer

We lost a chicken this morning.  Jonathan was moving the pen at dawn and one of them got caught under the edge as he slowly moved the pen to fresh grass.  My husband felt the accident keenly.  That is one of the many things I love about my husband. When … Continue reading