Water Troughs

Here is a description of the portable water trough parts and construction:
The main parts came from Tractor Supply:
– 40 Gal “Tuff Stuff” Trough : $39.99
– Camlock Quick Coupler 3/4″: Female (7.99) and male (4.29) total $12.28
– Hudson Valve (float valve): $29.99  MAKE NO SUBSTITUTES FOR THIS PART, this one is rugged and simple and works from 0 to 80psi
Total from TSC: $82.26
From Hardware Store:
These are listed in order of assembly from the inside of the tank to the outside of the tank where the hose connects.  All plumbing pieces are galvanized.
– 1″id 2″ long nipple
– 1″id 90 degree elbow
– 1″ to 3/4″ reducer bushing
– 3/4″id 6″ long galvanized nipple
– 3/4″id 90 degree elbow
– 3/4″id 5″ or 6″ long nipple
– 3/4″id 90 degree street elbow
one 3/4″ galvanized conduit strap and 1/4″ galvanized carriage bolts/washers/locknuts.
Pipe dope with PTFE or PTFE tape is fine for all connections except for the valve to pipe connection which must be tape.
Enough plywood to cover at least a third of the tank.  The plywood should stick out past the valve enough to ensure the cows can’t rub on the valve.  Three carriage bolts to hold the plywood down is sufficient.  My plywood covers almost half of the tank.
Good quality exterior paint.
All the plumbing and misc stuff is about $30
The cam lock quick coupler valves from tractor supply are not necessary but they are nice and expensive and are threaded with international pipe threads, if you want to connect it to a garden hose, you should purchase an adapter.  Adapters are available at Lowes and are $4.29.
I’ve got about $120 in parts in each tank, not counting labor.
These get dumped and drug and tossed onto and off of ATV’s and across fence lines and the valves hold up fine.  The valves with external arms have not held up well for me at all.  I’ve used several variations including jobe brand, but nothing lasts and works as consistently as the Hudson valves.

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