Want to eat with peace of mind?

Looking for healthier food options?

Hope that something that is good for you can also taste great? It can! 

Looking for something different led us to start the farm in 2010 raising chickens.

We chose to keep our pastures chemical free using organic methods without antibiotics and hormones. Here we are years later and some of the things we’ve learned are….

Healthy food can also be yummy. Animals can be treated with care and respect. Regenerative and integrated practices make a difference in the land. All of these things are connected.

Our farming methods earned Jonathan the honor of Cheatham County’s Conservation Farmer of the year in 2013 by the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Our commitment to the land led us to placing the farm in the Land Trust for Tennessee so that it will remain farmland after we are gone.

The romance of sunsets. The reality of endless chores. We get to continue the journey.

We’d love to have you join us!

Jonathan and Judith