Story Of The Farm

It was about the land….

“Why don’t we call?”  The question seemed innocent enough as Jonathan and his real estate agent passed the for sale sign in front of the old house again as they traveled through Cheatham county looking at property.

It was March 2007.  We were engaged to be married in October.  Jonathan had already made an offer on 30 acres and a house in January but was not able to come to terms so the sale did not materialize.  He looked at this listing online but it was for 66+ acres, included a house and was way out of his budget.

Still the sign beckoned that afternoon as they rode back from looking at yet another piece of property.  “Sure, why not?” Jonathan said.  His agent called and laid out Jonathan’s situation.  “I have this guy with this much money….would the owner be willing to split it up?”  The response did not look good as the owner had not wanted to in the past but the she would check and see.

Things moved very quickly after that.  Yes, he would split it and sell Jonathan 60 acres keeping the balance with the house.  And by the way, can you look at it today because the owner will be there this afternoon.   It was beautiful Tennessee farmland with open fields that gently rolled and met all of Jonathan’s qualifications – water, woods and open pasture.  As we drove the property I knew that my fiancé was making a very large financial decision in 15 minutes.

The sale closed two months later, and Jonathan (and the bank) became the proud owner.  After looking for property in the Joelton area for two years it did not seem possible that he now had 60 acres.  What a divine gift!

The land is beautiful.  It was and is about the land.  Keeping it, stewarding it, and enjoying it.  The idea of a farm came later as our ideas about food and land management have been stretched.

Sometimes dreams do come true.  Thank you John Calton for making that providential telephone call.  And thank you for visiting our website and sharing our dream with us.