Hello again…..

Greetings from the farm! Where does the time go??
Suddenly it’s June and far too long since we connected.

Some highlights from our corner of the world…

A small tornado touched down at the front of the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving. We lost lots of trees, and the old Tobacco Barn at the front took a hit.

Our new bull, Archibald, enjoyed his first season with the ladies. Our initial concern about his qualifications to do the job was quickly laid to rest. 🙂 Fingers crossed we will have calves this fall.

Dolly gained a new partner in her guarding duties when we welcomed Dash the wonder pup. He is a cutie as well as great at letting predators know to move on.

Time moves quickly these days. Change moves much slower. We are reminded of this as we work towards some new things for the farm. Looking forward to sharing with you in the days ahead!
Jonathan and Judith