House Update, July

We’ve not moved on anything on the house in several weeks due to several things. The good news is that we now seem to be moving forward with the project! We have the initial part of the foundation completed, including all footings and the concrete for the porches and the garage floor have been poured. The bad news is that all of the piers have to be removed and placed differently. We’ve also been trying for several months to get electricity and that now seems like it’s moving forward as well. We have a meeting next week to talk about the specifics of the install and should also hear back from the floor truss folks next week as to the engineering of the floor system. Overall things now seem to be moving after a long pause and we’re getting excited again!

One thought to “House Update, July”

  1. Hi Judith and Jonathan
    What a treat to keep up with all that the two of you are doing. I am definitely in the market for some of your honey! It sounds like your building process is underway, save for a few glitches. How is the construction going?
    I can’t wait to hear more about your cows and chickens!


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