Cows, Oct 2011

It has been quite some time since we’ve talked about the cows, but this spring we had two calves born at the farm and one born two days before he arrived. All three have turned out to be healthy and growing and we’ve begun the weaning process. Even though I’ve seen it done almost my entire life, we are new to the DOING of all of this. We used a process called “fenceline weaning” where we leave almost everything the same, the same field, same move schedule, same water and mineral facilities, still in close proximity to mama; the only difference is there is a fence between the calves and the cows so they can’t nurse. There was a little bit of complaining the first two days, but since then neither the cows nor the calves make any fuss! After a week of this type of move we moved the calves to the field next to the cows and they all are continuing to do great!