Cows and Bees and Chickens, Oh My!

First of all, I would like to announce that the pictures page has finally been added properly. We are using Picasa Web Albums to do the picture management and it took me a while to find a plugin that worked to my satisfaction, and then another while for me to figure out how to use it properly.
Secondly, it has been an exciting and tiring two weeks for us as we’ve been preparing mentally and physically for the arrival of our new farm residents. I’ve been putting up fence in order to be able to move the cows daily through different parts of the field. This is good for the cows and for the field. Saturday they all arrived safely and unloaded calmly settled in quickly. Since then, they have been getting familiar with the electric fence and a water trough that moves daily, both of which are new to them. The dogs have also been getting to know the place and the new people. I’ll not be saying “pictures will come soon” much anymore since one of my Christmas presents was a small digital camera that I can fit in my pocket and generally always have with me. In other words, click here for pictures, and here are a couple to preview.

Under the watchful eye of Maggie

Is this cute or what?