Fresh Air, Sunshine and Free Range

I love fresh air and sunshine.  I guess that is one of the reasons I love to ride in my convertible.  The feel of the breeze on my skin, the wind ruffling my hair and the warmth of the sun are some of the many reasons it is fun to me as well as therapeutic if my attitude needs adjusting.

I think that is also why I really like the pen Jonathan built for the chicks. Three fourths of it is covered so that they can get in out of the rain but one fourth of it is open to the sun.  This morning they played in the sunshine but now during the heat of the day most of them are content to stay in the shade.  The sides are also open to the cross breeze in half of the pen so they can enjoy fresh air or move to the other side if the wind becomes too much for them.

I have heard that sunshine keeps germs at bay and helps animals stay healthy without antibiotics.  It seems like I’ve also heard it stimulates the pituitary gland that helps the chicks grow.  Sounds reasonable to me since the Lord created the sun and makes reference to keeping things in the light.

“But what about allowing them to free range?” some of you may ask.  Free range sounds great in theory but my friend Angie says it best.  “Free range seems to say ‘Come and get me’ to every hawk, owl, fox and weasel around that likes chicken.”  I like chicken, too, so the pen serves as their protection.  Some of the chicks had other ideas this morning while they were escaping from a small hole on the side.  I immediately looked outside to determine the location of our cat, Lucy.  She also likes chicken and birds and mice so I was relieved when Jonathan came home to place them back in safety.

It makes me smile when I look out the kitchen window and know that these chickens have the opportunity to be chickens in safety and peace.  And when the day comes for us to enjoy them in a different state we will know that they enjoyed a good life in the fresh air and sunshine.