First Batch Complete!

Yesterday was processing day, the day of truth, if you will and it was a SUCCESS! With the help six other people we were able to process 88 chickens in under 4 hours for a time of about 2.7 minutes a bird. A BIG thank you to all our help, it would not have happened without you! Thanks to our fastidious bagging and labeling help who dutifully recorded the weight of every bird twice, once on the label and once on the record sheet, we were able to calculate some numbers last night and I really do love numbers, especially these numbers. The average weight was 5.1 lbs and using that weight we have calculated that the conversion ratio of grain to pound of dressed bird was 4.1:1, so it took 4.11lbs of grain for every 1lb of dressed bird. Not too bad for our first attempt! We fed exactly 2000lb of feed and the birds were eight weeks and one day old.

We’re looking forward to more customer feedback, but at this point we’re almost certain we’ll do it again in the near future!