Broilers, Round Two

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new, but here it is now! We have successfully finished round two of broilers, which will be the last round for the season. Our feed conversion ratio was 4.38:1, or 4.38lbs of feed for 1lb of dressed meat. There were some hiccups with the feed situation, but I think that we’ll be able to remedy them for the next round. One was the grind for the baby chicks was too coarse and the other was that we think that either the protein was too low, or there was a genetic abnormality with the birds because we had weights ranging from 1lb to 6lbs and they should have all been pretty close to 4.5, but they weren’t. We’ll just chalk this up to experience and try again next year. All in all not a bad round, just not everything we thought it would be.