Another Bee Update

This past weekend (Sat Sept 12) I got back in the bees again to check the progress and see how things were going.  So at this point I have one hive with seven supers total.  The combined hive was on top of the good hive.  So looking in this weekend revealed that the third box (counting up from the bottom) now has brood and not so much capped honey, the fourth box has considerable brood (three frames) as well as lots of dark pollen left over from when it was a separate hive, but there is quite a bit of nectar in it, not capped yet, but certainly getting close.  The fifth box was looking like 1/3 capped honey and the sixth box was all capped honey.  The seventh box has one frame of capped, one frame of nectar and 7 frames of foundation.  The drawn frames came from re-arranging the other boxes to 9 frames each.

So I guess what I’m hoping for now is another few good weeks of beautiful weather and the bees have enough time to get all the inside filled up with nectar and hopefully get some more frames drawn out on the seventh box.  Who knows, if it’s all full at the end of October, I’ll be able to extract my first honey.  Maybe I’ll even have enough to extract a whole super!