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We produce food seasonally to provide you with the best taste. All sales are on the farm by appointment. There is no sales tax on agricultural products in the state of TN provided they are sold by the farm that produces them.

Pastured, Free Range Eggs – available year round – $5/dozen
Our happy, laying hens produce brown eggs eating certified organic feed and ranging freely on chemical free fields enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Pastured, free range, cage free, organic feed, these eggs check all the boxes for you while the chickens do pasture fertilization and sanitation duty for us.

Grass fed/grass finished Beef – available in the fall until supplies are sold out
Contact us for pricing and availability.
Our cows rotationally graze chemical free pastures and are not given grain, unnecessary antibiotics or hormones to fatten them up. The beef is USDA inspected, dry aged so there is less shrinkage when cooked, and vacuum sealed for long term storage.

Pastured Chicken – available first of May
We raise organically fed Cornish Rock cross meat chickens on chemical free pastures. They are known for their generous portion of white meat. Cost per chicken is $24 (avg. weight 4-5 lbs.).

Honey – currently unavailable
Honey is extremely weather dependent, and there are 2 honey flows each year, typically in June and September. In order for us to have honey to share the bees must put up enough honey to feed themselves before we take any of their extra stores.

Farm Tours – available by appointment
Learn about the animals and see the infrastructure that earned us the “Conservation Farmer of the Year Award” (read article here)
$120 for 1 ½ hour walking tour with a max of 25 participants

Blueberries/Blackberries – coming soon!
The plants are in the ground and now we are waiting for them to mature. We hope to have pick your own berries available in 2015.

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